About Studio Mippe

Simplicity, color and practicality, that’s what studio mippe is all about. Color makes the simple come alive.

Studio Mippe is a new Dutch design studio, started in 2021 by Michiel and Katelijn Langeveld.

About Michiel
Michiel has been making beautiful things since he could walk. As a toddler he made buildings with blocks and later he created according to his own insight with Lego. It’s no surprise that he made a career in the design world. He has won several design awards in recent years, including a Best of the best Red dot Award. Michiel is design, uses technology and material in a fabulous way and can make everything he sees and what Katelijn asks him to do.

About Katelijn
Katelijn closely follows all trends in design and home living magazines, she can spell them out. She has the right sense of trends and quality and therefore loves colour. Especially in color with a brilliant name and let her shake it up like that. She also has a new idea every day, Michiel is working overtime.

About Studio Mippe
What according to Studio Mippe was missing in the world of design, they make themselves. What is that? They lacked the right way to display beautiful finds – from design to recycling happiness, but also that family portrait. This led to shelves and bowls with a suspension system with which everyone can highlight his or her unique object. The suspension systems are subtle because they are so beautifully made that they are not noticeable, but are there. Design, as design should be. They are modest – of course – colorful ‘color pops’ that fit into any interior.

Also, more and more stores have discovered Studio Mippe and the SWEET collection is available in more and more places.

SWEET; sweet and at the same time spicy enough to sink your teeth into. And with a nod to Sweet-lake-city, the place where it all once began.